Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moore College Online

This is what I've been doing in my spare moments for the past fortnight when I should have been researching my church history assignment.

From 'Helium 2011' a.k.a. The Moore Revue.

With special thanks to everyone who helped bring my idea to life; Jimbo for sparking the idea with a joke about Hebrew and script editing, Laura for access to the real online Greek video, Simon for the beautiful animations, and all the lecturers for agreeing to make fun of themselves.


  1. Hey Izaac, love it. Well done. Love the hugs from the huggable Keith Condie. And the comment from John Woodhouse.

    I could go back to college from here in Argentina. And no, I haven't read Con's book yet (is there a simplified internet version- perhaps condensed into three main points , though all of course pointing to Jesus)

  2. Thanks Marty. It was fun getting the lecturers to make jokes about their own subjects. The Moore Revue was fantastic this year, 2 hours of non-stop laughter.

    I will post a link to other people's videos once they all come online.